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In 1989, the very first RIPE Meeting was held in Amsterdam, marking the beginning of the Internet in our region as we know it today. Fourteen people attended RIPE 1 on 22 May 1989 with the aim of coordinating IP networks in Europe. Since then, the RIPE community has grown to encompass a vast nu...read more
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How Does Free Software Relate to Education? Software freedom plays a fundamental role in education. Educational institutions of all levels should use and teach Free Software because it is the only software that allows them to accomplish their essential missions: to disseminate human knowledge ...read more
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Created: 29 Aug 2013 by geoffnoakes geoffnoakes Symantec Employee Facebook announced on July 31st that they have implemented https as default for all of their users. This means that almost all traffic to www.facebook.com and 80% of traffic to m.facebook.com will be using a secure connec...read more
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Since late 2009, ICANN has been updating the gTLD Registry Continuity Plan into a framework based on recognized international standards for business continuity. The framework is an internal process for contingencies involving gTLD registries, and is part of overall ICANN Business Continuity effo...read more
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Rapid Growth of Unique Free Platform for Entrepreneurs, Start-up Accelerator Programs, Hackathons, Contests and Events London, United Kingdom: Thursday, 16 August 2012 – In day, marks the official global launch of f6s (www.f6s.com). f6s is a unique startup community that enables entrepreneu...read more

Мясо оптом

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Мясо оптом

Visit the World Philatelic Exhibition Championship and World Stamp Exhibition "INDONESIA 2012"

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http://www.asianwall.org 18 to 24 June 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Centre Senayan Visit the World Philatelic Exhibition Championship and World Stamp Exhibition "INDONESIA 2012" Philatelists Association of Indonesia along with the support of Federation of Internationale d...read more

Microsoft 365 Free Trial

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Trial invitation This trial invitation has been customized for you by The AMH News Syndicate. Sign in to take advantage of this invitation. Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan E3) - 90 day term 25 user licenses Partner information The AMH News Syndicate By continuing, you agree that ...read more

Apa itu Lisensi

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Setiap lisensi membantu pencipta - kita menyebutnya pemberi lisensi jika mereka menggunakan alat - memiliki hak cipta sementara memungkinkan orang lain untuk menyalin, mendistribusikan, dan membuat beberapa penggunaan dari pekerjaan mereka - setidaknya non-komersial. Setiap lisensi Creative Com...read more

Microsoft Office 365 Trial Edition

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The AMH News Syndicate has configured a custom collection of Microsoft Online Services for you to try. Review your customized collection Here
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Indonesia, the USA, Canada, India, and Australia are among the countries with the best cultures in the world for people to start a new business, while Colombia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and Russia are the least friendly to innovation and entrepreneurship, according to the results of a global 24-coun...read more
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Find out about current MVP projects on our blog Review the facts and stories behind Microsoft’s 2009 MVP Global Summit To let us know about media coverage of the MVP Award Program or of MVPs, please contact us at MVPGA@microsoft.com with a subject line of Media Coverage. Worldwide Pre...read more
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We’re happy to announce that for the fourth year Creative Commons will take part in the Google Policy Fellowship program . Submit your application by February 3, 2012. The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology p...read more
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The Internet is fast becoming one of the defining phenomenons of our generation. People are using the Internet for more and more different activities all the time, from personal communication and shopping right through to international business and finance. Search engines help us to source infor...read more
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Hacker culture is alive and well at Facebook By DAVID KUSHNER / JUNE 2011 This is part of IEEE Spectrum's special report on the battle for the future of the social Web . A scruffy young guy in white-framed sunglasses and a long blue cape shouts into a tiny black megaphone: "Welcome ...read more

News and Information

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Now we are opening news groups on linkedin to all people can sheared and known about up date all news form us.pleased to announce that, as the owner of this group, I have just switched us to an open discussion group. All future discussions will be fully visible, searchable, and shareable on the...read more
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We’re GitHub! If you’re ordering something from Us , you probably know that this isn’t the main gig. Please enjoy our cheeky items and be sure to check back periodically for new stuff. We've put the the finest merchandise relocation experts in charge of getting you your schwag. Fear not! You a...read more
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Dennis M. Ritchie, who helped shape the modern digital era by creating software tools that power things as diverse as search engines like Google and smartphones, was found dead on Wednesday at his home in Berkeley Heights, N.J. He was 70. Mr. Ritchie, who lived alone, was in fr...read more
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About Desktop Summit for the first time took place in 2009 in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria, Spain. For the first time, the KDE and GNOME communities held their yearly meetings in the same location. The goal of this event was to share ideas and further collaboration between the two communities. ...read more
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